Crafting New Narratives for Black America


    Crafting New Narratives for Black America

    Bright News offers a latter-day campfire around which Black Americans can tell and hear stories about their world.

    The primordial birthplace of culture is a scene of human beings sharing stories about the world around a fire. The communal need to learn from events and make sense of dangers and mysteries has always compelled us to share narratives about the way the world is as well as how it ought to be. In modern society, Black Americans face a crisis of news and culture. We simply have too few reliable outlets for truthful news and commentary.

    One does not have to explain cancel culture to non-leftist Black Americans in the public square. They are ridiculed, vilified, silenced, de-platformed, and their sites are de-monetized. Their access to social media is regularly throttled if they rebel from billionaires’ cookie cutter scripts.

    The corporate press that lied our families into endless wars and endless debt are trying to convince the Black community that the only path to power and justice is through the failed theories of dead French postmodernists like Foucault. If you are a young Black person who wants to change the world, the media preaches to you constantly through entertainment and social media curation that you must join rich Marxists like the founders of BLM, whose exploitative organizations rake in millions, do nothing to change bad nanny state laws that endanger lives, pledge to “disrupt the nuclear family,” and televise the burning down of minority-owned businesses and predominantly minority communities as a show of ideological force. They shout down Black people who reject the ideas of Marx, Keynes, and Marcuse while calling to defund the police that protect Black neighborhoods from the high crime rates which result from failed elitist social engineering.

    Where do Black Americans go to hear thoughtful Black voices? Where do they go to hear the truth about the government’s failed nutrition guidelines? Where do they go to see role models of Black excellence curing cancer, defying aging, loving their families, and planning expeditions to new galaxies? is a news and culture aggregator that curates and highlights important voices who tell the truth. It exposes the deceitful corruption of our elites and the repulsive hypocrisy of cancel culture. strives to find and present clear and authentic news and information amid the noise of dishonest, elitist narratives.

    For many years, media platforms have increasingly embraced corporate leftist politics and censored material from many content creators in order to silence and marginalize them. This has not only had a devastating effect on people’s ability to get objective information and news, but has also fueled political polarization and stoked the devastating culture wars that cause great suffering in our country. is a media platform that seeks to reverse this negative effect by covering a range of interesting ideas that brave content creators regularly explore. The target audience for this site is, but is not limited to, the Black community, which is fed up with culture wars and misinformation coming from the corporate media and leftist political groups. intends to broaden the discussion on important issues that are rarely discussed, with the hope of offering Black Americans and people of the African diaspora around the world the opportunity to take back control of their communities and lives. highlights the work and thoughts of various responsible content creators who cover a range of ideas and topics, such as revolutionary technology, culture, science, economics, politics, entertainment, and more.

    It is time to have an inviting and exciting hub of storytelling about our world. It is time to highlight positive role models demonstrating financial independence, scientific discovery, and self-sacrifice for their families. We will build a new fire around which true stories can be told, a digital gathering place where young hearts can once again glow with hope, dignity, and wonder. It is time for the era of bright news.

    Shannon Braswell is the curator of He lives with his wife and children in Washington state.

    Published at Wed, 28 Apr 2021 17:00:50 +0000

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