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Cori Bush claims a ‘white supremacist movement’ is growing in the US


Democratic Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri asserted in a Friday tweet that there is a metastasizing “white supremacist movement” in her state and the U.S. at large.

“We’re facing threats from a growing far-right, white supremacist movement across Missouri and the country,” Bush tweeted. “But I’ve seen the power we hold when we come together. We’ve proven it & we’ll never back down. There’s so much at stake. Let’s continue this work. Together.”

Her post included a campaign advertisement — the left-wing lawmaker, who entered office last year, is currently running for re-election.

Liberal actor Mark Ruffalo has urged people to donate to Bush. “Hey everyone, @CoriBush is in a tight primary race against a very corporate democrat. We already have plenty of them, and there is only one Cori Bush fighting for the rest of us. Let’s all chip in and send her some funding love,” Ruffalo tweeted on Friday.

In a statement last month about the U.S. Supreme Court, Bush declared that “The Court’s jurisprudence of white supremacy is unjust, profound, and dangerous.”

In a tweet posted to her @RepCori account on Friday, Bush claimed that “codifying the right to abortion” would “further reproductive, economic, and racial justice.”

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing earlier this week, one of the witnesses, University of California, Berkeley School of Law professor Khiara M. Bridges, accused GOP Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri of pursuing a “line of questioning” that she described as “transphobic.”

Bush hailed Bridges, calling the professor her “new personal hero.”

“I’d like to introduce everyone to my new personal hero, Professor Khiara Bridges,” Bush tweeted. “Our trans community members and all of us in Missouri who hold them close to our hearts as their rights are ruthlessly opposed by the likes of insurrectionist saluter Hawley thank you, Professor.”

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