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China is leading the US in key technology research: report


Is the United States in danger of losing its competitive edge in science and technology? A new intelligence report argues that America is falling behind as China has been making big moves in recent years—from attracting more talent to its universities to hosting the world’s top 10 research institutions in key technological fields, with some secret operations, too. As Beijing works to leapfrog U.S. technology, will Washington regain its lost ground? Or will China take the lead?
Topics in this episode:

China Leads U.S. in Key Technology Research: Report
China Warns Musk Over Wuhan Lab Funding Comments
Apple Suppliers Eager to Leave China: Manufacturer
Sequoia Capital Asks National Security Experts to Screen China Tech Investments
China to Compete with Elon Musk’s Starlink
No Birth, No Growth: China in Vicious Cycle
U.S. Falling Behind China in Shipbuilding but Surpassing in Military Capabilities
U.S. Approves $619M Arms Sale to Taiwan
the God of China’s Church Is Xi Jinping: Scharffs

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