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Child psychologist explains why kids are never too young to be taught about gender identity – twitchy.com


All right, here we are with another gem from Libs of TikTok. You might recall that NPR did a “fact-check” earlier this week on seven “not-quite-right” beliefs about abortion. Among the debunked claims: Fetuses feel pain early in a pregnancy. Note that NPR said “early” in a pregnancy … as in, how early? While states were adopting abortion bans at 20 weeks, NPR cited a study from 2005 (that’s pretty old) finding that “a fetus is not capable of experiencing pain until somewhere between 29 or 30 weeks.” You’re still killing it by aborting it, but apparently, it doesn’t mind, so, go ahead.

We’ve learned this week, though, that it’s important to teach young children about gender identity because even fetuses in the womb pleasure themselves. We’re not sure which study showed that.

We’ve been assured by better minds than ours that fetal movement doesn’t prove consciousness, and they’re more comparable to brain-dead people.




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