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By The Numbers: The State Of Biden’s America Is Absolutely @#%&* Abysmal


President Joe Biden will deliver an hour-long address to America on Tuesday, laying out just how great everything is and delivering a mind-numbing laundry list of everything he hopes to do in the future.

Last week, he gave a bit of a preview.

“Today, I’m happy to report that the state of the Union and the state of our economy is strong,” Biden crowed to reporters on Friday.

“We learned this morning that the economy has created 517,000 jobs just last month — more than half a million jobs in just the month of January. And in addition, we also learned that we — there were half a million more jobs created last year than we thought.”

“And even as the job market reaches historic highs, inflation continues to come down. Inflation has now fallen for six straight months. Gas prices are down more than $1.50 a gallon since their peak. Food inflation is falling as well. And as inflation is coming down, take-home pay for workers is going up. Real wages are up. Wages for lower-income and middle-income workers have gone up even more,” Biden gloated.

Ah, Biden and his rose-colored glasses. A reporter quickly burst his bubble, asking: “Do you take any blame for inflation, Mr. President?”

“Am I taking blame for inflation?” Biden…

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