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Branch COVIDian California Has TWICE the COVID-19 Case Rate of Free-state Florida


Branch COVIDian California Has TWICE the COVID-19 Case Rate of Free-state Florida

Branch COVIDian California Has TWICE the COVID-19 Case Rate of Free-state Florida
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Governor Gavin Newsom disappeared for nigh on two weeks after getting his late October COVID booster.

If only he could make COVID disappear just as easily.

For it has just emerged that despite his state of California being masked up and COVID Ritual crazy, its China virus case rate is twice that of free-state Florida, which has eschewed onerous coronavirus restrictions.

In fact, California is now lagging behind a number of conservative states, leaving establishment “experts” scrambling to explain away their prescriptions’ failure. As the Tampa Bay Times reported Sunday:

A month ago, the coronavirus seemed headed for a long winter’s nap in masked and well-vaccinated California. Gov. Gavin Newsom boasted that the Golden State “continues to lead the nation” as the only state to reach the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s yellow “moderate” tier of community virus transmission.

COVID-19 cases are not falling in California anymore. They have climbed back up to the CDC’s blood-red “high” level of virus transmission as the highly contagious delta variant continues to wreak havoc.

Meanwhile, the virus has gone quiet in Deep South states that abandoned mask orders, opposed vaccine mandates, posted lower vaccination rates and saw larger outbreaks over the summer. California’s case rate is now well above Texas’ and double Florida’s, which along with the rest of the Gulf Coast are down to the CDC’s orange “substantial” transmission level.

“This comes despite the fact that California has certain mask mandates in place,” Breitbart adds. The news organ continues:

According to the state’s website, individuals are required to wear a mask on public transit, healthcare settings, adult and senior care facilities, schools, correctional facilities and detention centers, and homeless and emergency shelters. Masks are “required” for unvaccinated people and “recommended” for everyone in indoor places including retail, restaurants, theaters, family entertainment centers, meetings, and state and local government offices “that serve the public.”

… Florida, meanwhile, has never had a mask mandate in place, even at the peak of the pandemic. 

(Note, too, the Sunshine State also has notably greater population density than California, a factor making viral spread more likely.)

This is not surprising. Studies have repeatedly shown that masks not only don’t prevent China virus transmission — especially when prescribed for the general population — but also that they can cause sometimes serious health, psychological, and social problems.

Recognizing this is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who, though much maligned, actually follows the science. After stating that mask-wearing should be a choice and not compelled by government, he added, “I will say that from a scientific perspective, you have, even some of these experts now are acknowledging, with an aerosolized virus, a piece of cloth is not going to stop the aerosols.” 

The Sunshine State isn’t alone in shining brightly in China virus management. As commentator Thomas Lifson reminds us with a rhetorical question: “Have you noticed that Sweden, which never locked down and which focused on protecting the most vulnerable — as has always been the approach taken to epidemics until China role-modeled total lockdowns to fight the virus it created — has virtually disappeared from the media? Turns out that COVID is not exactly exploding as the winter months [in frigid Sweden] force people indoors, where virus transmission is more probable than outdoors” (graph below).

“Why, it’s almost as if we’ve been given bad advice and paid an enormous cost for measures that haven’t solved the epidemic and may have made it worse,” Lifson then wryly notes, before continuing:

Children losing more than a year of in-person schooling. Medical tests and procedures postponed or canceled. Businesses destroyed. Unbearable psychological stress and soaring suicide rates among children. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” made sense at a time when hospitals might have been overrun, but the “two weeks” part lasted less than two weeks.

As for California, it’s like Florida in that it has company, too — in its failure. As a Burlington Free Press headline reads today, “Highly-vaccinated Vermont has more COVID-19 cases than ever. Why is this happening?”

So the Green Mountain State had fewer COVID cases before the COVID “vaccines.” Funny that.

As mentioned earlier, this has left experts scrambling to explain why their COVIDian prescriptions are falling flatter than any viral curve they ever targeted. One expert gave it a stab, as Newsweek related Monday, writing:

California saw fewer coronavirus infections over the summer than states with lower vaccination rates as the Delta variant rapidly spread in unvaccinated communities.

But those who were infected now have immunity, meaning there are fewer people spreading the virus.

“These regions [locating largely in more conservative states] are now being partly protected by high prior infection rates,” Dr. Bob Wachter, chair of the medical department at the University of California-San Francisco, recently told The Mercury News. “But these people whose immunity comes from COVID are not very well protected, and their immunity will wane with time.”

As Lifson points out, however, a massive Israeli study showed that natural immunity is superior to “vaccination.” So Wachter’s claim smacks of wishful thinking.

Speaking of immunity, the Burlington Free Press presents Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine’s explanation for his lib state’s SARS-CoV-2 surge. “There were fewer Vermonters who got sick early in the pandemic, but this also meant that fewer residents were able to build up any level of immunity from having the virus,” the paper relates him as expressing.

And does this align with the point many have made from the beginning?

For what “happens is if you flatten the curve [is], you also … widen it, and it takes more time.” So said Dr. Knut Wittkowski — former long-time head of the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design at the Rockefeller University in New York City — way back in early April 2020. “And I don’t see a good reason for a respiratory disease to stay in the population longer than necessary,” Wittkowski continued. (He was soon after censored by Big Tech.)

The point is that with viruses, you can run, but you can’t hide. Thus must we be focused on treatment, not “vaccines.” Because as Johns Hopkins epidemiologist Emily Gurley put it in February of last year, “Most people are going to get this virus at some point.” 

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