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Birthdate Candles: Score 20% Off On Amazon Prime Day


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The only thing better than receiving a beautiful gift is giving one. And if you’re searching high and low for the perfect present to hand someone on their birthday, look no further than Birthdate Candles, because it’ll probably blow every other gift they get right out of the water. And who doesn’t love knowing their present was the best gift; the one that put every other gift to shame? If you’re competitive when it comes to impressing someone on their birthday, you should know these candles are on sale right now and you definitely don’t want to miss your chance to snag one at a discount.

While everyone loves lighting a candle at the end of a long day and unwinding with the smooth scent of melting wax, these candles aren’t ordinary candles! They were literally crafted with your birthdate in mind, perfecting an aromatic experience that both inspires you and comforts you. I was actually gifted one of these candles for my thirtieth birthday, which happens to be May 26. Brimming with notes of orchid, sandalwood and lemon, this candle instantly reminded me of late spring afternoons spent strolling through a garden. It made me feel energized by the bright and sprightly energy of springtime, the season that saw my entrance into the world!

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During Amazon Prime Day, you can get these candles at quite a discount. While they’re normally $49.99, you can purchase one at 20% off from July 12 to July 13. And if you don’t get a chance to click “complete purchase” by then, you can still buy these candles at 10% off until July 20.

Courtesy of Birthdate Candles.

Courtesy of Birthdate Candles.

This candle is more than just a source of satisfaction for your nose, but a symbol of how special, beautiful and unique you really are. The front label of each candle includes some important facts about yourself, such as your zodiac sign, your lucky number, your ruling planet, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. And if you turn the candle around, you’re in for a pleasant surprise, as the back label includes a loving description of the type of person you are, according to the day of your birth. My candle told me that those born on May 26 are “steadfast, with an almost universal appeal that comes from their ability to articulate common opinion.” Well, I agree with that compliment, thank you very much!

Your birthday is essentially a celebration of your solar return, which is the moment the sun returns to the position it was in at the moment of your birth. This time of year is about embracing confidence and self-love as you honor your growth! If you’re trying to remind someone how powerful they are on their birthday, don’t waste time—take advantage of these Prime Day Deals for Birthdate Candles while you can. Even Ariana Grande approves!

Courtesy of Birthdate Candles.

Courtesy of Birthdate Candles.

July 18 Birthdate Candle

For the dreamy and imaginative souls born on July 18, this Birthdate Candle
carries notes of ylang ylang, magnolia, white rose, chamomile and a sprinkle of lemon. Let it bring you through the warm feeling of summer romance.

Courtesy of Birthdate Candles.

Courtesy of Birthdate Candles.

July 25 Birthdate Candle

If you were born on July 25, you’re a Leo. And this Birthdate Candle
was created with your majestic aura in mind. Brimming with notes of chamomile, shea and a fruity finishing touch of grapefruit and lemon, this candle is abundant with love, reminding you to take in the joy the summertime.

Courtesy of Birthdate Candles.

Courtesy of Birthdate Candles.

August 1 Birthdate Candles

If you were born on August 1, your Birthdate Candle
radiates notes of rosemary and musk, as well as softer middle notes of chamomile and shea. It’s also topped with an overlay of grapefruit and lemon, bringing a zest to it that compliments your Leo soul.

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