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Big Tech Continues COVID Information Censorship. Even of Medical Experts


Big Tech Continues COVID Information Censorship. Even of Medical Experts

Big Tech Continues COVID Information Censorship. Even of Medical Experts
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Facebook is a tech company. It does not have a medical department. People who work for it specialize in cyber technology and getting people addicted to its platform. There are, most likely, Facebook employees with specialties outside of cyber tech, presumably marketing and public relations (those latter folks are probably working overtime these days). But there is nothing to suggest it has doctors and scientists on staff.  

But this hasn’t stopped Facebook from venturing out of its area of expertise. Way out.  

On November 3, Facebook notified The New American that a video interview with an American medical expert named Dr. Bradley Meyer, who was fired after prescribing ivermectin for COVID-19 patients who visited him at the medical facility he was working for, had been taken down for violating Facebook’s community standards. “We have these standards because misinformation about vaccines can make some people feel unsafe on Facebook,” Facebook elaborated.  

Getting a hold of someone at Facebook to specifically discuss its standards is nearly impossible. It’s understandable why the company would not want to make it easy for users to debate its arbitrary rules, or point out inconvenient facts that would smash the feeble logic behind its inane rules.  

Some easily verifiable facts on ivermectin include that it won a Nobel Prize in 2015 for its effectiveness as an antiparasitic agent for humans. Some studies, such as this one, suggest “that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.” Doctors, such as the one interviewed by Alex Newman of The New American, and many all across the world, are using it off-label for early treatment against COVID-19. Doctors are going against the approved COVID-19 treatment protocol because they have evidence to suggest it works.  

For most of recent history, it has been generally understood, accepted, and tolerated that science is hardly settled. Science is complicated and nuanced, especially medical science. But in 2021, science is, amazingly, settled, even when it comes to a brand-new virus and its treatment.  

2021 is a continuation of 2020, the year authoritarianism become a raging fad. Big Tech’s silencing of valid medical views is at the behest of the U.S. government, which has been pressuring social-media companies to censor all information that does not lead to parades of adulation for COVID-19 vaccines. The decision-makers at Facebook, along with YouTube and Twitter, have decided to censor valid science and make decisions based on politics.  

Americans must be determined not to let medical censorship become the norm. These tech giants must be reminded that what they are doing is dangerous.  

In the meantime, people all across the world will have to learn to navigate through a sea of propaganda and authoritarianism. That includes knowing where to access forbidden information. The New American has consistently published information about COVID-19 that the mainstream media have ignored and suppressed. And even though it’s early, TNA’s analysis on lockdowns, cloth masks, and even vaccines, has repeatedly been vindicated.  

Readers, please continue to read and watch TNA for uncensored information. And make sure to support what we do by subscribing to our bi-weekly, heavily researched print magazine, which you can also get online. 

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