Are the Golden Globes Really Done For?


    Are the Golden Globes Really Done For?

    Awards season is just barely over, but one of the most dramatic moments of this or any year came on Monday—when NBC announced that it would not air next year’s Golden Globe Awards due to well-publicized criticism of the organization, which NBC said was due for “meaningful reform.” As Vanity Fair’s Anthony Breznican has reported, it was when stars like Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, and Tom Cruise  spoke out against the organization that NBC’s decision became clear, because “there’s no show if there’s no talent.” But much less difficult to answer is the simplest question: what comes next?

    On this week’s Little Gold Men podcast, Richard Lawson, Katey Rich, Joanna Robinson, and special guest Bobby Finger discuss the once-unthinkable shakeup in the awards season calendar, and which other shows— The SAG Awards? The Critics Choice Awards?— might try to fill in the gap. They also discuss this week’s new release The Woman in the Window, which stars Amy Adams, was written by Tracy Letts, and directed by Joe Wright— all of which, in theory, should add up to a must-see. Thanks to the movie’s well-publicized troubles it seemed unlikely we would be getting another Gone Girl or even Girl on the Train, but the extent of Woman in the Window’s failures surprised the group— even if performances from Julianne Moore and Brian Tyree Henry marked much-needed bright spots. (For more on The Woman in the Window, read Richard Lawson’s review.)

    The episode ends with a conversation between Katey Rich and Dan Stevens, who is part of the massive ensemble cast of Amazon’s sci-fi anthology series Solos. Filmed during the pandemic, most of the show’s episodes star a single actor acting opposite themselves or an unseen voice; Stevens is the exception, starring opposite Morgan Freeman as a man who has spent his life searching for…. something. He’s sworn to secrecy on spoilers, though you’ll know more when Solos premieres May 21. But having just played a robot in the German film I’m Your Man, Stevens had a lot to say about the appeal of sci-fi in uncertain times, and what it meant to get back to work when the pandemic made every career seem almost impossible to continue. 

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