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Apple ‘Entrepreneur Camp’ Program Bars Applicants Based On Race

Apple ‘Entrepreneur Camp’ Program Bars Applicants Based On Race

Apple is set to host specialized entrepreneur training camps that bars applicants based on their race and sex. To participate, organizations must have “black, Hispanic/Latinx, or Indigenous” members in both leadership and on staff.

The program will include two cohorts in October and November, the “underrepresented founders” and “female founders” groups. The camps, which offer valuable resources such as “one-on-one code-level guidance from Apple engineers,” list eligibility requirements that exclude would-be participants on the basis of their race and sex.

In order to participate in the underrepresented founders program, an organization must have “a black, Hispanic/Latinx, or Indigenous founder, cofounder, or CEO,” the eligibility requirements read. Organizations must also have a “black, Hispanic/Latinx, Indigenous, or female developer.”

Meanwhile, Apple’s “female founders program” stipulates that in order to be eligible, applicants must have “a female founder, cofounder, or CEO” as well as “a female developer.”

The program description denotes the word “female” with an asterisk and includes a note at the bottom of the page that reads “Apple believes that gender expression is…

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