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Americans Should Resist Provocation by Biden’s Rhetoric; A Civil War Is Exactly What the Left Wants


Americans Should Resist Provocation by Biden’s Rhetoric; A Civil War Is Exactly What the Left Wants

Americans Should Resist Provocation by Biden’s Rhetoric; A Civil War Is Exactly What the Left Wants
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Joe Biden and the puppeteer pulling your strings, beware! The none-too-subtle provocations of Americans on the Right and the push of propaganda-laced rhetoric by Pelosi, Schumer, Harris, and the commander-in-chief himself, are threatening to wake a sleeping giant. Yet conservatives: This is exactly what the Left wants, and we must not bite.

In his first address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, nearly 100 days into his presidency, Biden opened his speech — apparently so rousing, his words lulled Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to sleep — with remarks revolving around themes of “crisis and opportunity,” both of which he and his administration are extremely familiar with.

“Tonight, I come to talk about crisis and opportunity. About rebuilding a nation, revitalizing our democracy, and winning the future for America,” said Biden.

Yet America doesn’t need rebuilding, Biden-style: Biden’s idea of “rebuilding” is reimagining America and her 244-year history, tearing down her monumental achievements of freedom and justice for all. Today, dozens of defenders of liberty, now known as “insurrectionists,” are deteriorating physically and psychologically in solitary confinement, treated as terrorists yet convicted of no crime.

Biden’s aim to “rebuild” the nation’s infrastructure is constructed on false rhetoric promising shiny highways and bridges. The reality of the new “infrastructure plan,” however, dubbed the American Jobs Plan, is to reimagine the U.S. economic system completely, placing the nation’s elites in positions of power and incredible wealth, while relegating the rest of Americans to abject poverty.

Mere minutes into Biden’s speech (after a sappy recollection of taking the oath of office and placing his hand on the family Bible) came the first lie: Biden did not “inherit a nation in crisis.”

“One hundred days since I took the oath of office and lifted my hand on to our family Bible, and inherited a nation, we all did, that was in crisis. The worst pandemic in a century, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War,” he said.

First, Mr. President, America is not a democracy but a constitutional republic, and We the People intend to keep her that way. Second, greatly contributing to the floundering economy are catastrophic Democrat-led policy responses to COVID-19 that have ruined livelihoods through the decimation of some 70 percent of small businesses in lockdown states such as California, New York, and Oregon.

Moreover, the Civil War was not fought over the idea of democracy. This terrible war was a battle for preserving the Union. Yet because of Biden and the radical Left, the nation is extremely divided.

Will the 75 million Americans who voted against these radical restructuring plans, and the Left’s unrelenting and ongoing attempts to rewrite America’s history, be goaded into another civil war?  

Following Biden’s speech, Twitter exploded, as lovers of America took to the social-media platform to respond to the propaganda-laden remarks:

“January 6 was worse than 9/11? Or Pearl Harbor?” tweeted journalist Glenn Greenwald.

He continued, “Or the Oklahoma City bombing? Or the dismantling of civil liberties in the name of the Cold War and War on Terror? Or the mass surveillance program secretly and illegally implemented by NSA aimed at US citzens [sic]?”

Listening to Biden, one wonders if leftists have any understanding of what really took place on 9/11 or at Pearl Harbor, as he essentially says those atrocities were less of an attack on America than people milling around, taking selfies inside the Capitol building.

A tweet from the Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway read: “Biden asserts riot was a worse attack than various bombings and deadly attacks on the Capitol, deadly Summer of Rage with its attacks on the WH and federal court buildings, four presidential assassinations, another five assassination attempts, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11. OK.”

Author and talk-show host Eric Metaxas posted this tweet: “FACT: The ‘worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War” was when Democrats STOLE an ELECTION from #WeThePeople—and then dared to pretend WE were the threat to democracy. Shame on them. They will not get away with this. Many are praying. God sees.”

Biden and many on the progressive left have accused Trump of incitement and believe that the “cult of Trumpsters” can turn violent at the least provocation. By this provoking, the people may indeed rise up, and as the socialist regimes of the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, and Cuba, the American leftist government believes they could squash such a revolution. It is what they are waiting for. Conservatives must not be fooled.

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