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Amber Just Settled Her Defamation Case With Johnny—She Can’t Afford ‘An Impossible Bill’


Her attorneys have just filed to appeal the “chilling” verdict in favor of Johnny Depp during their defamation trial, so you might be wondering where Amber Heard is now and what result she’s hoping for in a new round of legal proceedings.

Heard, who claimed she was a victim of domestic abuse in a personal essay published by the Washington Post in 2016, was found to have defamed her ex-husband in June 2022. He was awarded $15 million in compensation and punitive damages, while she won counterclaims against the Pirates of the Caribbean star and was awarded $2 million in damages. Her legal team now argues that the trial was held in “a wholly inconvenient” location and they objected to the judge’s decision to exclude certain pieces of evidence, including notes from therapists that documented years of the alleged abuse. So where is Amber Heard now and what are the details of her appeal? Read on.

Where is Amber Heard now?

Where is Amber Heard now? She’s reportedly living in Spain, under a pseudonym, with her daughter Oonagh since her defamation trial against Johnny Depp was finalized in June 2022. “The trial was exhausting for her,” a source told People. “She missed her little girl” and “has spent the last…

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