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Adam West, the greatest Batman: Holiday streaming

Adam West, the greatest Batman: Holiday streaming

Wrapping presents can be tedious business; sometimes I’m tempted to turn on the TV to half-engage my mind as I struggle with scotch tape and dull scissors. But what to watch?

Netflix hit “Leave the World Behind,” which takes America’s sweetheart Julia Roberts and transforms her into a brittle Karen whose clumsily “racist” interactions with the dapper Mahershala Ali are about as dramatically convincing as an old HR sensitivity training video? Thanks, Obama(s)!

Or Scorsese
snoozefest “Killers of the Flower Moon,” in which the esteemed director rewards his faithful audience by turning one of his most iconic leading men into a cowardly, brick-stupid woman-poisoner who gets paddled by his other most iconic leading man in some kind of penitential “stolen land” declaration?

Or should I just thrill to the crackers-gone-wild trailer for “Civil War” (I hear if you say “White Christmas” into a mirror three times, rose-colored-tactical-glasses Jesse Plemons appears); or prepare to “take a seat” and “do the work” as I chuckle at the preview for the tired white-folks-be-like “satire” of “The American Society of Magical Negroes”?

No. Not in this house. Not this Christmas. The demoralization campaign must stop. And I…

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