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‘A Couple More People In Heaven Would Be Nice’: Hallow CEO Talks Success Of Catholic App, Rise Of Faith-Based Content


Catholic prayer and meditation app Hallow is not even five years old yet, but it’s already the top Catholic app in the world, connecting literally millions of people in prayer, scripture, and meditation and hitting an astounding 175 million prayers prayed.

Those numbers are mind-blowing, Hallow CEO and co-founder Alex Jones told The Daily Wire, and such success is a testament to God. But when it comes to a “vision” for the app, or how Jones and company measure the success of Hallow, the 29-year-old answered directly, “A couple more people in Heaven would be nice.”

“Maybe a couple more people who are in that really dark spot, who might be lost, who might feel like they’re all alone — maybe a couple of those people might experience the warmth of God’s love,” Jones said. “So it’s that for us, that’s really what we’re focused on.”

Hallow was founded in December 2018 by Jones and his two friends, Erich Kerekes and Alessandro DiSanto. Kerekes serves as Hallow’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and DiSanto as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

Alessandro DiSanto, Alex Jones, Erich Kerekes//Courtesy of Hallow

Jones, an Ohio native who was raised Catholic, fell away from his faith in high school and college. After graduating…

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