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8 Scorching ‘South Park’ Episodes That Left A Mark

8 Scorching ‘South Park’ Episodes That Left A Mark

“South Park” doesn’t believe in half measures.

The Comedy Central series has been delivering brutal takedowns since its very first season.

The pandemic. Trans athletes. The King of Pop. Paris Hilton. Jesse Jackson. PC gone wild. Name the subject, and chances are Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman have tackled it, sans apology.

The following eight episodes offer “South Park” unleashed. Pity the targets of the show’s satirical cudgel. They may never recover from the animated tongue lashing.

1. “With Apologies to Jesse Jackson” – Season 11, episode 1

Stan Marsh’s father, Randy, accidentally says the “n-word” as a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune.” He’s quickly branded a racist, and the reverberations fall on both his son and the boys’ elementary school.

The episode mocks Jackson for pretending to be the embodiment of black America while initiating a tough conversation about race and the word in question.

It’s blunt satire, full stop, and an example of how “South Park” is willing to explore complicated issues from various angles. It’s not a lecture, and the laughs are both consistent and, often, uncomfortable.


2. “Board Girls” Season 23,…

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