11 cool Switch accessories to upgrade your gaming


    11 cool Switch accessories to upgrade your gaming

    While the Switch Lite (and, even, the full-size Nintendo Switch) are small enough to chuck in a relatively small bag, it isn’t the best idea if you’ve got games, cables, charging packs and more crammed in there too. The Nintendo Switch Lite – Orzly Protective Case (£10) is a cheap and cheerful option for storing all you need to enjoy your Switch Lite on your travels.

    There’s a regular Switch option too – Nintendo Switch carry case (£10). As well as protecting your Switch from any bumps and bruises in your bag, it uses elastic and zipped pockets to help store your key accessories.

    Price: £10 | Amazon | Orzly

    8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ Wireless Gamepad

    The 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+ Wireless Gamepad (£40) is a great alternative to the Joy Cons or Nintendo Switch Pro controller – offering up a nostalgic look in a small size. This 8Bitdo controller is about far more than good looks though, its Ultimate Software allows you to implement custom button mapping, adjust trigger and stick sensitivity, alter vibration control and, even, create macro commands. If you’ve ever wanted a bunch of customisation options for your Nintendo Switch controller experience, the SN30 Pro+ offers lots of choice.

    Price: £40 | Amazon

    PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller

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